weed barrier fabric which side up

Gardening with vinyl weed barrier fabric is a great way to combat pesky weeds, but you may have wondered, what way should the fabric side be facing?

When it comes to weed barrier fabric, there are two varieties available: woven and non-woven. Woven fabric is tightly knit out of synthetic threads, while the non-woven variety is held together through a chemical bonding process.

Woven material should be positioned on the top layer of the surface area, with its weave pattern facing up. This will develop a protective shield that is dense enough to stop most weed seeds from penetrating.

When it comes to preventing weeds–proper placement of non-woven fabric is essential! With the smooth side up, this protective barrier will prove to be a more effective guard against unwanted seedlings.

With an emphasis on weed prevention, some gardeners take advantage of both types of fabric: woven for the foundation and non-woven for a protective top layer. This combination of materials produces a formidable barrier against persistent invasive weeds.

To keep your fabric firmly in place, use staples or rocks to secure it to the ground. This will ensure that not even the brusque breeze will be able to tear it loose.

Optimal weed-control is right at your fingertips through the use of weed barrier fabric! When selecting and placing said fabric with precision, a reliable barrier can be formed that will maintain your garden blissfully free from wild vegetation all growing season long.

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