What are the best weed guard fabric

To help suppress the growth of weeds and maximize a garden’s potential, weed guard fabric is an essential tool. Not only does it effectively cover the soil, but there are various types of weed guard fabrics out there; it’s simply a matter of finding the one that fits the needs of your garden best.

All gardens require protection from weeds. Some gardeners trust burlap to guard against these pesky intruders, however, it is worth noting that small seeds can still work their way through the fabric’s weave. Thus, natural-material weed guard fabric is not a completely effective solution for defending your garden.

For those looking to take weed prevention into their own hands, polypropylene fabric is an excellent choice. Used in landscapes all over, this synthetic material keeps out pesky weeds and is unfortunately not biodegradable, meaning it may have a negative effect on the environment. Thus, it is essential to be mindful when using this material.

No matter what weed guard fabric is chosen, its successful installation will be paramount to achieve satisfactory weed prevention outcomes. An inefficiently installed guard won’t guarantee the desired results.

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