weed that sticks to your clothes

Weed is an absolute plague when it finds its way onto your favourite apparel. All too often we conscionable smokers end up in awkward situations, surrounded by clothing covered with the remains of our latest sesh. Even though it won’t break the bank, being forced to rid yourself of the green menace is a terrible hassle! To help you out, below are some tricks to de-weedize your threads.

When determining how to remove cannabis resin from your clothing, the fabric type should be factored into the equation. Natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, are significantly simpler to clean compared to more intricate synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. Consequently, no matter the fabric, cannabis resin is typically able to attach itself – although some fabrics prove much more difficult to clean than others.

If you have knowledge of the material an article of clothing is crafted from, you can then determine the best way of handling it for cleaning. Clothing created with natural fibers can often be tossed into the washing machine, but for garments comprised of synthetic fibers, some additional precautions should be taken beforehand.

To deal with synthetic fibers, spot cleansing with some water and soap is your best bet. Utilizing a mild detergent or a specially designed spot cleaning product may prove beneficial. When spot cleaning is finished, always remember to rinse off the area thoroughly.

If you find yourself battling with pesky wisps of marijuana stuck on your clothing, then a lint roller is your best friend. It’s an invaluable ally in the war on weed; its sticky pads can efficiently zip away any stray bits of bud that have sought refuge on your shirt or pants. Not only that, but a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment can be used to have a go at any remaining plant material that’s clinging on for dear life.

Annoying weeds that cling onto your apparel can be troublesome, though there is no need to panic. With some extra care, you can eliminate the problem with ease. Simply figure out the material your outfit is composed of and find the ideal solution for cleaning it.

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