new bath mat smells of weed

Unquestionably, it can be off-putting when a brand new bath mat carries with it a potent whiff of cannabis. It may be that the bath mat was crafted with hemp fiber, which emit a distinct odour, or the material could have been treated with fragrances derived from various strains of marijuana. Regardless of the underlying reason, the end result is an aromatic bath mat that could prove unwelcome to some.

If that skunky smell of marijuana has left you less than impressed, try some of these simple strategies to freshen up the atmosphere. Give the mat some breathing room by airing it out over the course of a few days; if that fails to do the trick, then grab a mild detergent and plunge it into a good cleaning. If, despite your best attempts, the odor persists, you may be looking at replacing the mat altogether.

Although the bouquet of cannabis might not be everyone’s favorite aroma, it is important to remember that it presents no harm. In fact, some can even derive pleasure from the smell. However, if someone is not a fan, there are various methods to eradicate it.

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