Weed Mat

The BLUEKIN INDUSTRIES LIMITED is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of weed mat. Our woven Polypropylene Ground Cover is made by 100% virgin PP and offers great protection from UV rays. We have the wide range of landscaping fabrics. It is the perfect solution for successfully suppressing the weed growth, allows water to percolate to the ground hence no water logging in nurseries, saves labour and supports cleaner agriculture and black and white reflects more Photo active radiation back to the plant augmenting photosynthesis and production.

We can provide this Ground Cover Fabric customized as per client requirements, such as sizes, thickness, color , UV rate and so on. Our ground covers are as easy to set up and maintain as laying down mulch or throwing down some new gravel.
Material: 100% virgin PP

Color: Black, white, black/green or as per customer’s requirements

Width: 10-800cm

Length: As per customer’s requirements

Mesh: 7*7-23*23

Denier: 700D -2000D

GSM: 60-230gsm

Stripe: Vertical line or square

Treatment: (1)UV treated

(2)Ultrasonic cutting

Surface Dealing: Anti-slip, Anti-static or as per customer’s requirements

Packaging: Roll packaging by paper or plastic bobbin

Outside: Packed by stretching film or PE film

MOQ: 5 tons

Production Capability: 100Tons/Day

Delivery time: The first container within 30 days after order confirmation, the later as per customer’s requirements

Payment Terms: L/C at sight or T/T

Certification: FDA, CE, SGS, BV, TUV, ISO9001, ISO14001

weed mat


Can effectively prevent the ground produce weeds, keep the floor clean.

In favor of the growth of the root, prevent root rot.

To prevent the growth of extra potted flower, improve the quality of potted flower.

Be helpful for cultivation and management: weaving with one-way mark line, put flower POTS or arrange outdoor cultivation matrix, can according to these signs line to accurately arrangement.

Black cloth covered with the regulation to plant the function of the growth cycle, so as to achieve the effect of control time to market of plant.

Weed barrier


weed mat

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