Weed mat has many different uses and we wanted to share some great idea of how weed mat can be applied across your home to make it easier for you to maintain a beautiful residence and perhaps allow you to make it easier for your loved ones to spend more time enjoying their gardens and less time weeding.

Weed mat for the Garden
OK, this one is pretty obvious, we get it. At WeedMat.com.au, we primarily sell weedmat for use in garden beds and vegetable patches. Weedmat works by suppressing the ability for weed to grow in between other (wanted) plants, meaning that water, nutrients and supplements are maximised by only feeding those plants in your garden that you actually want to be there. No need for any further sell here, Weedmat is fantastic for helping you maintain your garden beds and vegetable gardens.

Weed mat for your Home (Yep, not just your garden)
With the Australian dream, often buying and building a new home, a lot of people often forget to future proof their new home against the effects of weeds. This is often the case in areas where people often forget that they will even get weeds. At WeedMat.com.au, we advocate for weedmat in any place where there is the potential for sunlight and water, the only two ingredients required for those little suckers to get going and keep growing. So, here is the WeedMat.com.au top 5 places where you should use weedmat that you didn’t even realize needed weedmat as part of your home building project. Trust us, if you do, you will thank us later on when your friends and family are digging weeds, while you are relaxing with a drink and Netflix.

1. Playgrounds
Most in home playgrounds are a set of swings sitting on the lawn. This is fine, but parents need to remember that weeds are not just a haven for weeds but other creepy crawlies that can harm your little ones. At BLUEKIN we strongly recommend using a border for your playground area (simple 2×4 bolted together will suffice), with a single layer of weedmat placed under the swing set, before you fill the area with either sand or chip bark. This set up ensures that your little one can enjoy their swing set and toys and also ensure that you can spend your time watching rather than weeding.

2. Swimming Pools
An Australian icon, a swimming pool with a deck around the edge. Unfortunately, weeds often grow between cracks and your beautiful minimalist pool often ends up looking like a weed checkerboard at best, or at worse like a pond surrounded by a jungle of foliage. Laying weedmat under your paving surface ensures that no weeds are able to set their roots in your tiling surface and means that you can spend all of your time swimming rather than weeding.

3. Decks and Verandas
Planning for a timber (or fake timber) deck ? Well, unless you have laid weedmat from WeedMat.com.au under the ground below it first, then you also need to plan for weeds to grow through every crack in your decking or veranda. Weeds have everything they need to grow under decking’s and veranda’s, sun, shade and plenty of water. Using weedmat from WeedMat.com.au will ensure that you can relax without worrying that you are creating a forest under your relaxing or play space.

4. Sheds
BLUEKIN recommends laying weedmat underneath your shed and to include a 30cm overhang of the perimeter to ensure that your storage area is easily accessible and does not attract creepy crawlies.

5. Large Pots or Raised Vegetable Gardens
An often easily overlook application of weedmat is to prevent weeds in your potted plants or raised vegetable gardens. BLUEKIN ensures that the only things growing are the plants, flowers and vegetables that you planted. This promotes a more robust and healthy growth, allowing you to enjoy and harvest rather than spending your time tidying and removing unwanted weeds.

Post time: 2022-11-11