how to get weed smell out of clothes without rewashing

Detecting the Aroma of Cannabis

That unmistakable cannabis aroma can tend to stick around on garments, making it tricky to get rid of without laundering. Nonetheless, there are several techniques which should enable you to erase the scent effectively without having to resort to a full wash cycle.

If unwanted cannabis odor has infiltrated onto clothing, a simple method of banishing the scent is to hang the clothes outdoors to take advantage of the fresh breeze. If this isn’t an option for any reason, then another approach is to place the garments in a room with air circulation for a few hours to help deodorize them.

When it comes to getting rid of the cannabis smell on your clothes, one of the best options is to keep them in a bag with coffee grounds for a few hours. The coffee grounds will lock away the unpleasant odour and leave your garments fresh and fragrant; simply pull them out afterwards and let them air out.

To tackle the potent smell of cannabis on clothing, a few steps can take place to reduce it before washing. Begin with soaking the garments in vinegar for an hour in order to dilute the oils that produce the odor. Moving onward, make sure to wash the pieces in the highest temperature achievable; adding a cup of baking soda to the cycle can also help to absorb any remaining smell. Afterward, hang them outdoors for some pulchritudinous, fresh air eliminants of any residual scents.

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