How to use a wire bakced silt fence

Save your construction site and waterways with a wire-backed silt fence! This cost-effective and simple-to-install temporary sediment barrier is an indispensable tool for stoping soils, dust, and other environmental debris that can disrupt waterways – perfect for any kind of earth-moving work such as grading and excavating. With these versatile fences, you can protect close by streams, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water from construction job waste.

If you’re considering getting a wire-backed silt fence, here are some pointers on its effective use:

Keep a minimum distance of ten feet between the work site’s boundaries and the location of the fence installation.

Establish a ditch around your fence boundary to make sure it is fully and securely set in place.

Once the trench that will house the fence’s foundation is dug, it is important to fill the area with soil or sand to properly anchor the structure in place.

To ensure that sediment does not drift over the fence, make certain it stands tall at three feet or higher.

Each month, be sure to take a glance at your fence to verify that it is safe and performing as expected.

Controlled sedimentation on your construction site is achievable through the utilization of a wire-backed silt fence. By utilizing the following tips, one can confidently ensure that your fence is carefully installed and operates effectively.

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