can you put weed barrier over grass

Though it can be done, laying a weed barrier over grass is not recommended – let’s uncover the reasons why. It’s often contended that this technique would not lead to the survival of the grass, but is this necessarily so?

Grasses often rely on essential elements such as sunlight, air, and water for survival. But weed barriers, usually manufactured from sturdy plastic or fabric, can bar all three of these crucial components in an effort to reduce weed growth. By preventing the sun’s rays from reaching vulnerable soil and disallowing weed seeds to germinate, these structures can stop seedlings before they even start.

For optimal weed control, if you decide to implement a weed barrier over your grass, one step you should take is cutting openings in it. This allows the grass to remain hydrated and breathe, as it needs for survival. Additionally, make sure to also remove any pre-existing weeds from the land prior to laying down the barrier; otherwise, they can still thrive underneath it.

Pulling up the grass and setting the weed barrier directly onto the dirt is typically the best choice. It allows the grass to continue gaining the necessary nutrients from water and air, without offering an environment for weeds to develop.

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