How to use a garden weed membrane

Weed membranes are your garden’s defender, fending off stubborn weeds and safeguarding against germinating seeds. By acting as a physical impediment, they restrict the growth of any existing weeds as well as bar new ones from taking hold. Securing your garden using this barrier proves an effortless method of weed control.

From paper and plastic to fabric, selecting the perfect weed membrane for your garden bed is made easy with the assortment of styles available. Whether you prefer the pre-cut rolls or sheets that can be tailored to meet your exact specifications, there’s an idea solution for all your gardening needs.

To deter weeds from sprouting in your garden, simply cover the bed with a weed membrane. Remember to layer its edges for an extra 10 centimetres, so it remains in place. Secure the barrier with either garden staples or pegs.

To keep weed membrane in place and keep weeds from popping through, you can spread a blanket of mulch over the top – think bark chips or straw. It’s an easy way to prevent further growth that will keep you reaping the benefits.

After a few years, or when your weed membranes require it, they should be changed. If they are ripped or broken, weeds will have no problem establishing themselves rapidly.

Stop the spread of weeds in its tracks by creating a weed-resistant barrier with a weed membrane. By installing this protective layer, you’ll be denying weeds the chance to germinate and, with sufficient maintenance, enjoy weed-free gardening for several years.

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