how long does it take weed cloth to kill weeds

Keeping weeds away from your plants without harsh herbicides isn’t an impossible mission. Enter weed cloth: a natural, environmentally-friendly way to put pesky weeds to death. The speed of a weed’s demise by weed-cloth, however, varies from case to case – with the weed’s species, size, and the thickness of fabric playing key roles in determining its fate.

Weed cloth can be a powerful tool when dealing with annoying garden pests. For the speedy demise of annual weeds, it may take a matter of days for the gentle smothering to take full effect. However, perennial weeds might require a few more weeks underneath the cover of the fabric. Plus, the size of certain weed specimens can significantly impact their mortality rate; the larger the weed, the longer it will endure under the cloth.

Ultimately, the density of the weed cloth impactful in determining how long it will take for the weed to perish. As expected, the more ponderous the membrane, the swifter it will extinguish weeds in comparison to a thin one.

On average, it usually takes one week to two weeks for the weed cloth to eradicate the preponderance of undesirable flora. It is feasible, though, that specific specimens could expire at a more moderate pace – or by more rapid means.

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