do you put weed barrier under pavers

When deciding whether or not to install a weed barrier underneath the pavers, it’s essential to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, so mulling over the possibilities is key.

Weed barrier is an invaluable addition to any pavers installation, as it provides a helpful shield against the development of unwanted weeds. Left unchecked, these plants can distort the look and feel of the pavers by displacing them and creating an uneven surface. Investing in this product will ensure your paving remains aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

The use of weed barrier can extend the longevity of your pavers; if weeds are not allowed to prosper, the pavers will remain in working condition for longer. Without such a protective barrier, weeds could damage the pavers causing their life expectancy to shorten rapidly.

Although weed barrier is an effective tool to block weeds, it can be a pricey option due to the cost of the materials as well as any potential labor required for installation. On top of that, putting in pavers over the material can pose an additional challenge.

Having to make a decision between using weed barrier under pavers or not is contingent upon one’s individual needs and the situation. If getting rid of weeds is greatly important, then the former is the most sensible route. However, if being thrifty or the task of installation is handled solely, then having the weed barrier may not be necessary.

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