gravel path without weed barrier under

Although gravel pathways are cost-efficient and easy to create, weeds can sometimes become an issue on these surfaces. Due to this, extra maintenance is sometimes required in order to keep the area looking its best.

To thwart the expansion of persistent foliage on your gravel path, inserting a weed stopper can be a beneficial solution. These restrictions come in either textile landscaping materials or plastic to keep the sun’s rays from penetrating, thereby avoiding any weeds from sprouting.

If persistent weeds have conquered your gravel pathway, a herbicide could come to the rescue. However, pay special attention to the type of product you choose, as some herbicides may cause harm to this type of surface. Opt for a variation formulated especially for these areas.

To ensure that your path remains weed-free, it is important to conduct regular inspections for new growth. When you see new weeds, pull them out immediately. Doing so by hand is usually the most effective approach, as this limits any chance of weeds propagating via seed.

With just a small expense of energy, you can make your gravel path come alive and be free from weeds!

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