will weed cloth cause fungus

If your home’s basement has that characteristic musty smell, then the culprit is likely none other than mold or mildew. Fungi of this nature thrive in damp, humid settings, and it’s not just the indoors where they make their home – they are common outdoors too, in places like yards and gardens. As a way of controlling weeds in these areas, Weed cloth fabric is often used.

But what befalls when we conjoin mold, mildew, and weed cloth? Might blending these elements create issues?

Through a study, it was suggested that contact between mold and mildew spores and weed cloth could lead to consequences. Researchers concluded that the fabric was unable to provide enough resistance against the encroachment of such elements, thus compromising the health of the plants beneath it.

The mold and mildew negatively impacted the ability of the plants to produce sufficient chlorophyll, which is a vital component of photosynthesis. As a result, growth was greatly hindered and the plants were put under increased pressure and strain.

Mold and mildew have the potential to wreak havoc when coming into contact with weed cloth, however there is a lack of concrete data to affirm these implications. Being safer than sorry, it is wise not to employ weed cloth near locations that are exposed to either mold, or mildew.

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