smoke weed clothes smell

It can be a challenge to rid clothes of the telltale odor of marijuana, yet there are some strategies that may prove effective.

Make sure to clean your garments in warm temperatures; this will effectively get rid of the fatty oils in the weed that create the common stench. Additionally, consider pouring a cup of vinegar into the load to make sure to neutralize any an unpleasant odor.

When you can’t immediately launder your clothes, give them the benefit of sunshine! Letting them hang outdoors in a sunny spot could be just the remedy; the bright rays of the sun contain ultraviolet properties known to break down the tough oils in weeds that lead to bad odors.

Struggling to get rid of the pesky odors clinging to your clothing? Steam could be your saving grace! Whether it has originated from the organic plant or been transferred through contact, a clothes steamer can help break down even the most perceptible oil-based aromas.

Is lingering weed smell still annoying you? Worry not, for modern commercial odor neutralizers can act as your savior. These products guarantee to effectively eliminate the most obstinate fabrics odors.

Trying to eliminate the obnoxious odor of weed from your garments? With a touch of focus, you can easily restore your favorite clothing back to its pristine condition and inhale the blissful aroma of freshness.

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