what side of weed barrier goes down

A lot of people are curious regarding which layer of weed barrier should be facing the ground. To start, it’s essential to understand what weed barrier is—a material that stops a variety of weeds from sprouting. It is most often constructed using durable plastics or fabrics and laid down over the soil.

The answer to our weed barrier puzzle depends on the kind of material that you are working with. If you need a plastic layer, then you should make sure that the slick side is positioned towards the ground. This will guarantee that winds or pesky weeds can’t lift it up easily. As for fabric Weed Barrier, do the opposite—ensure that the rougher surface faces downwards. That way, it’ll get a stronger grip and become an effective weed-proofing layer.

Whatever covering you decide to utilize for inhibiting weed growth, make certain to firmly affix it. A slack or loose installation will not be successful in keeping weeds at bay. For this, you could use pegs, stones, or some other heavy substances to be sure the barrier is firmly in place.

Weed growth can be halted with the aid of a precautionary measure – the weed barrier. It is essential to select the appropriate barrier and safeguard it firmly for efficient reduction of weed growth.

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