how to lay weed barrier fabric

Gardeners can lay a layer of woven polypropylene fabric – composed of UV-resistant plastic – on top of soil to inhibit the growth of weeds. This fabric acts as a barrier to nefariously obstruct any unwelcome intruders.

If you’re looking to add a bit of panache to your greenery, you can find weed barrier fabric at most garden centers, or even online. It’s worth considering the longevity of the fabric while making your decision — polypropylene typically does the trick when it comes to durability. However, don’t forget about permeability! To keep your plants healthy and flourishing, it’s vital that the fabric allows for water and air to pass right through.

The fabric needs to extend across the entire area you want to keep weed-free; make sure to overlap it by at least six inches to block out any potential invaders. If done right, this process will guarantee you a weedless space!

After the material is stretched across the desired space, landscape staples can be employed to ensure a secure fit; these hinged rods of metal are driven deep into the ground, firmly locking the fabric into place and safeguarding against movement.

Once the material is correctly laid, a sprinkle of mulch can be employed to ensure the fabric’s strong placement and an extra guard of offense against uninvited weed intruders.

To discourage the growth of weeds in your garden, installing weed barrier fabric is a practical method. Opt for fabric that is hard-wearing and porous. The chosen material should be spread out over all parts of the garden where weeds are unwelcome. As an added precaution, landscape staples can be used to anchor the fabric in place. On top of the fabric, mulch can be incorporated to help secure its position while providing an additional layer of defence from weed intruders.

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