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The delightful aroma of ganja may permeate airport premises in locations where recreational marijuana is permitted by law. So, if your journey brings you to one of these blessed territories, be prepared to tarry in a cannabis-scented atmosphere.

The recent legalization of marijuana in some states has spurred an uptake in people traveling by air with it. Many are mindful to pack their cannabis in a firmly sealed pouch, yet the aroma can still ebb out and linger on one’s belongings and apparel.

For travelers entering regions where marijuana has been legalized, it is not unusual to smell the distinct aroma of weed while ambling through their intended destination’s airport. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Are you conscious of not taking on the distinctive odour of cannabis? Well, here are a few tips to consider if you want to avoid the tell-tale smell.

If you’re transporting cannabis, the best thing to do is put it in a sealed container. A fantastic way to go about it is to use a smell-proof bag for carrying purposes. Crafted with an airtight seal to trap odor molecules, these handy bags are available in different sizes so you can find the one that fits your needs perfectly!

When you’re transporting marijuana in a suitcase that will be checked, ensure that it is held firmly within a sturdy box or canister. A Tupperware shell or a metal tin is recommended for the purpose, as their solid structures serve to contain the wafting scent.

To give your cannabis an added measure of freshness and odor-imperviousness, consider vacuum packing it. This method of storage removes unwanted air and ensures that the smell stays tightly confined within the bag.

After *packing up your weed supply, a good habit to practice would be to take a shower and change into fresh clothes. Doing so will not only feel great but will also help to eliminate any potential weed odor that might remain on your body or garments.

If you are concerned about the fragrance of weed lingering, you have options. One is to reach for a powerful perfume or cologne to flood the air with a more inviting aroma. Additionally, you could even try using a scented dryer sheet tucked away in your luggage – doing its part to murk up the weed smell.

If the state you are flying into allows marijuana use, be aware that its aroma may permeate the airport. If you find yourself wishing to avoid experiencing this scent, there are steps which can be taken with the aim of mitigating it.

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