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Home gardeners don’t need to be envious of the weed-free commercial landscapes and nurseries they have seen – with the help of a weed barrier, you too can benefit from a lush, weedless space. Weed barriers are simple tools, composed of material that stops weeds from growing. To reap the benefits, installing the barrier between your soil and garden mulch is key.

While the market holds a variety of weed barriers, they do not all yield the same effectiveness. Those manufactured from plastic or other man-made materials, in particular, can prove to be more detrimental to one’s soil than beneficial. Without proper aeration and hydration, these obstructions can overpower the ground below, resulting in vegetation losses and heightened erosion deterioration.

For an effective weed barrier, many gardeners look to natural solutions like burlap, straw or cocoa bean hulls. The appeal of these materials lies in their ability to allow water and air to still pass through the barrier without building up in the soil – and the added benefit of breaking down gradually over time.

All alone, a weed barrier won’t be enough to stop the occurrence of troublesome weeds. For best results, use weed barriers alongside alternative techniques such as mulching, hand-weeding, and certain herbicides to rid your garden of unwelcome pests.

Before weeds have the possibility of beginning their growth, it would be wise to install a weed barrier during the spring season. When using a synthetic form of barrier, though, it is important to ensure that you take it out at the conclusion of the season in order to avoid potential detriment to the earth.

Weed barriers are a useful asset for gardening enthusiasts, however, they should be incorporated with other weed elimination strategies such as mulching, tackling weeds manually, and application of herbicides for best results.

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