does weed mat kill grass

Have you heard about using weed mats to maintain a garden or lawn free of unwanted intruders? Many homeowners swear by them, but is there any truth to their effectiveness?

Weed mats come in a variety of textures and materials, including plastic, cloth, and paper. Their purpose is to obstruct exposure to the sun, making it impossible for weed seeds to develop. Some weed mats even serve as an active deterrent against growth, implementing herbicides that eliminate weeds already present.

While weed mats can work well to prevent weed overgrowth, they come with some important considerations. Positioning the mat properly is essential for protecting the desirable plants. Additionally, these mats can be a large expense and the barrier they create to air and water might not work in your garden’s favor.

If you’re in the process of evaluating your weed mat alternatives, make sure to conduct the proper research. This will help ensure that you source the product that is best suited to your particular requirements.

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