weed mat under turf

To help maintain turf and act as a weed deterrent, a thick, woven fabric or plastic weed mat can offer just the right amount of stability. Not only does it prohibit the pesky growth of weeds, but this heavy-duty mat is also designed to hold grass firmly in place and ward off the often-daunting wear and tear that affects turf.

Weed mats act as an effective barrier from weeds infiltrating turf areas. This barrier works by blocking out essential elements such as light and water which are necessary for weed germination. Additionally, the mat keeps wind and rain from transporting weed seeds into the area.

Prior to turf installation, make sure a weed mat is in place in the location where the turf should go. Make sure the mat is cut to exactly fit the size of the specified area; this can be accomplished by using either glue or staples. After the mat is installed, carefully drape the turf overtop, and hold it in its place with landscape staples.

To tackle overgrown weeds, nothing beats the quality of an efficient weed mat. From 4-foot to 8-foot widths, and made from black woven polypropylene, white woven polypropylene, black plastic or white plastic, weed mats are the perfect choice for any outdoor project. Best of all, they come in lengths of up to 50 feet, making them both practical and reliable.

Over an extended period of time, with appropriate installation and content attention, the reliability of weed mats can be quite enduring. Of course, eventually this material will breakdown to the point where a substitution is necessary.

The weed mat should remain clean and clear of debris in order to preserve its longevity. Cleaning can be done with ease by using either a power washer or a simple garden hose. No matter the method used, any clogging particles must be removed from the mat’s active area.

For a weed-free turf area, installing weed mats is an ideal solution. The mat works by stopping light and water from reaching the soil beds, thus preventing the germination of unwanted weeds. Additionally, it serves as a physical barrier that hinders weed seeds from being carried into the turf area by any outside sources.

Before bringing in the turf, a weed mat must be securely fitted over the area of soil. This mat can be cut to measure and fixed with either glue or staples. Once this has been done, the turf should be laid across it and secured with landscape staples.

From 4 feet to 8 feet wide, weed mats can be customized to fit your outdoor space perfectly. Depending on your needs, you can choose from black woven polypropylene, white woven polypropylene, or a plastic variety that comes in both black or white. Standard sizes are 4 feet by 50 feet or 6 feet and 8 feet options. Protect your garden and landscape with an effective weed mat today!

Proper installation and regular upkeep will allow a weed mat to endure for a prolonged period of time, yet ultimately it will eventually reach the end of its life span and require replacement.

Prolonging the life of your weed mat is a simple task, really. First, you’ll want to give it a good clean- with either a power washer or garden hose- followed by clearing off any residue that has accumulated atop. In a few simple steps, your weed mat will be good as new!

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