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With the arrival of warmer weather and more hours of daylight, avid gardeners embark on readying their outdoor spaces for planting. One key element in the preparation process is the laying of a weed barrier. This fabric or material acts as a block, stifling weeds from sprouting in the soil beneath.

With an array of weed barriers to choose from, the most often sought-after is the single-season barrier. The specially-crafted product blocks unwanted plants for a full growth period before needing to be taken out and replaced. Its design is typically comprised of plastic, paper or cloth fabric.

An annually employed weed barrier made of plastic is the most widespread. This kind of weed shield proves highly efficient in hindering weeds from taking root, yet can be challenging to handle. The downside to these plastic boundaries is that they are generally firm and uncomfortable to bend around existing foliage.

Though simpler to manage than plastic, paper and cloth annual use weed barriers are not as successful at holding off the growth of weeds. Nevertheless, these materials remain a favored pick among many.

Whatever type of weed prevention you decide on, it’s critical to ensure that it is fixed properly. Lay the barrier over the earth, then cover it with a covering of mulch for extra stability, avoiding any windy gusts from uprooting it.

Make sure to take the necessary steps ahead of time and you’ll have a lush, weed-free garden throughout spring and summer!

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