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Uninvited and unfamiliar, unwelcome plants spring up on lawns, farms, and gardens. These unwelcome “weeds” can become a nuisance by fighting for the same nutrients and space that desirable plants need to survive. Additionally, weeds often provide refuge for pests and diseases that can spread and cause harm to the other plants in the vicinity. Furthermore, they can greatly reduce the aesthetic value of an area.

A landscape fabric designed to dishearten weed growth, weed barrier paper is crafted from a woven cloth of polypropylene. When spread atop the dirt, its design blocks access to the sun, halting any germination of weed strains.

Offering a range of widths and lengths, weed barrier paper can suit virtually any space; its thickness offering varying levels of durability. The more hefty it is, the sturdier it stands against the elements.

No amount of weeds wanted? Cover the area with a weed barrier paper and secure it in place with staples, tacks, or hold it down with bricks or rocks.

For a simple, yet efficient solution to unwanted weed growth, look no further than weed barrier paper! This practical product is so effortless to use and comes in a variety of sizes, making it the perfect choice for all those looking to get rid of their unwanted green pests.

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