amazon weed barrier’s status as the world’s leading online retailer has made it a go-to destination for many shoppers, offering an almost unfathomable selection of items. Alas, certain things are unavailable on the site, such as marijuana – so if that’s something you’re after you’ll have to look elsewhere!

Despite attaining a state-level legality in more than half of the United States, marijuana usage is still prohibited stridently under federal regulations. As a result, Amazon, being a platform for trading items, is unable to engage in its sale; even for customers located in states that have legalized the substance’s utilization.

Placing itself at a disadvantage to its online marketplace rivals, Amazon’s existing policy limits the types of items it can offer — namely, commodities containing CBD. This cannabinoid, which is found naturally in cannabis and is neither habit-forming nor psychoactive, has been scientifically proven to provide various health benefits.

Despite the criminalization of cannabis on a federal level, some entrepreneurs do not allow that to stop them from exploiting Amazon’s regulations. In order to capitalize on the marketplace, they commonly offer products that are completely permissible in all 50 states, such as marijuana-infused olive oil and THC-free CBD items.

Cannabis-users can purchase paraphernalia for consuming the plant through the guise of various seemingly unrelated product categories such as “tobacco pipes” or “smoking accessories.” While these items may not contain marijuana explicitly, they remain invaluable tools for those indulging in the pleasure of cannabis.

Although it might seem unjust, Amazon must adhere to federal legislation which currently prohibits the use of marijuana – a decision that is unlikely to subject itself to transformation in the future.

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