sedum on weed ma

From its 600+ species to its thick, fleshy leaves, Sedum—more commonly known as stonecrop—is a captivating plant that has made its home in Europe, Asia, and North America. As a low-growing, greenhouse-covering succulent, this hardy species is often sought after to add some flair to landscapes and gardens. Each stem offers an exotic tinge of color, from red to purple. The enchanting feature of a sedum plant continues through the summer months when its blooms range in shades of startling white, subversive pink, and warm yellow.

With a noteworthy ability to resist dry weather conditions, the dauntless sedum is widely used as part of xeriscaping projects, which is essentially landscaping with drought-tolerant plants. Apart from reproducing through seeds, this fast-growing herb can also be propagated by cuttings or division- another expeditious means of having it cover a large area.

Weed mats are a popular tool for weed control in landscaping projects. The lightweight, yet hardy fabric is designed to block out sunlight and deny weed seeds the nutrients they require to sprout. Used by themselves or in conjunction with mulch, these mats offer an effective solution for weed growth prevention.

The Sedum plant has many desired traits that make it an ideal choice for laying down a weed mat. Its fast growth rate enables it to quickly cover the mat, starving weeds of the light they need to take hold. The substantial, water-storing foliage of the plant helps to hold the mat securely while also being resilient enough to withstand dry spells.

For those looking for a plant that won’t require a lot of attention or water, the sedum is an ideal choice. Not only are these plants hardy, they are also wonderful for landscaping projects where water-saving is of the utmost importance.

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