rubber mat weed control

Weed control in your garden is of utmost importance, and many are turning to the use of rubber matting to keep those unwanted weeds away. Before committing to this tactic, however, here is what you need to be aware of beforehand.

Before beginning any weed control project, the essential first step is selecting the best mat for the job. From extra thin to super thick, there are a wide variety of rubber mats available. It’s critical to select the ideal one to ensure great results; a mat that offers insufficient protection from the sun won’t be successful, and one that’s too thick could be too dense to easily remove weeds.

After you have selected the right mat, it is time to get your garden bed ready. The mat needs to be put directly onto an empty patch of land, and it will need to be held securely in place with clips or any other kind of anchor. Make sure that you give yourself enough room around the sides of the mat so that you can easily get to the dirt underneath it.

Evidently, it is time to commence the weeding process. Be vigilant and use a sharp blade or gardening tool to eliminate any weed that pops through the carpeting. Be consistent with this, completing it multiple times in a single week, because allowing those weeds space will lead to an inevitable occupation.

To keep your garden beds looking their best and free of unwelcome growth, a rubber mat weed control system is the perfect solution. Follow these steps to take advantage of this helpful tool.

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