weeding matting

Efforts to rid areas of unsightly or unhelpful vegetation can commence with weeding matting. A careful eye may guide one to hand weeding, painstakingly removing each unwanted botanical intruder one by one to ensure a full sweep of the region; however, this labor-intensive method is the most reliable in completely clearing weeds from an area. Alternatively, hoeing and weed whackers can prove a faster solution but might not be entirely effective due to damages it might cause to the underlying environment. Lastly, chemicals may prove the most efficient option yet come with a warning – if not used with caution, it can have tragic consequences on both human lives and our natural environment.

For a safe and successful weeding session, make sure to throw on some gloves and cover your arms. Begin by tackling the easiest targets – any big, stubborn weeds – and then slowly move down to the more elusive tiny ones, doing your best not to disrupt the ground too much. Doing away with pesky weeds can be time-consuming work, but it is necessary for those dreamy lawns and gardens.

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