how to put a weed barrier down

Even for the most experienced gardeners and landscapers, the battle against weeds is an unavoidable obstacle. Without proper maintenance, weed growth can spread quickly and displace desirable vegetation, leaving your outdoor space looking less than attractive. For more effective weed-busting, creating a weed barrier is a great solution – and this article will show you just how it’s done!

When selecting the ideal weed barrier for your needs, consider the intended purpose of the barrier. Is it a short-term strategy or a more lasting solution? Paper or fabric based options provide a reliable but temporary solution for preventing weed growth, while synthetic barriers constructed from either polyethylene or polypropylene are better suited for longer-term protection. The right choice for you will depend on your particular circumstances.

After opting for your desired weed barrier, it’s time to ensure the area is ready for a successful installation. If your area consists solely of dirt, simply discard all plants, stones and any other materials that may complicate the installation. Otherwise, simply mow the terrain until it reaches an appropriate height. This will ensure it is adequately prepared for the installation process.

To get the most out of your weed barrier, start by rolling it out and laying it in the area you’ve prepped. Hold it in place with either stakes or some heavy objects, and ensure the edges overlap by six inches. If you’ve gone for a synthetic solution, cut it to size and fasten it to the ground using special landscape staples – remembering to allow six inches for overlapping at the edges.

By installing a barrier of protection on your ground, you can maintain an environmentally-friendly area by covering it with a layer of mulching, straw, or another type of ground cover. Not only will this help keep the boundary in its place, but the layer will also safeguard against sunlight exposure reaching the soil underneath, thereby impeding weed growth and safeguarding your space.

A bit of hard work is all it takes to preserve your garden or lawn’s immaculate appearance using a weed barrier.

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