how to hide weed smell on your clothes

Do you sometimes find yourself dealing with the unpleasant scent of cannabis lingering in your clothes? It’s an all-too-frequent issue of many marijuana smokers, and can be quite tricky to eliminate. Fortunately, there are some methods to help mask the odour or even prevent it from permeating your garments in the first place.

To reduce the possibility of smoky odors clinging to your clothing, ensure you smoke in well-ventilated spaces. If you’re unable to enjoy your cannabis outdoors, keep a window or door open while vaping or lighting up, ensuring that any excess smoke seeps out into the open air.

The sooner you can act to clean off cannabis smoke from your clothing, the more successful your efforts will be. The longer smoke remains on fabric, the more tenaciously it clings. You could give lint rollers and vacuum cleaners with hose attachments a try; both are likely to do an admirable job for you!

For an additional layer of protection against the annoying weed smell on your clothing, try using fabric spray. Many stores that offer various types of laundry supplies also stock fabric sprays, making them easy to get a hold of.

As a fourth option, placing your garments in the frosty confines of a freezer for a few hours should be able to erase any traces of cannabis odor.

To get rid of the pungent fragrance of marijuana off your clothing, one viable option could be using vinegar in your laundry process. This natural odor-eliminator is known to produce remarkable results in ridding your apparel of the unpleasant smell.

If you’ve ever experienced the lingering scent of cannabis on your clothing, then you understand how unpleasant it can be. Thankfully, with a few clever solutions, you can bid farewell to that unmistakable aroma and keep your garments odour-free.

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