does changing clothes get rid of weed smell

If blending in and avoiding detection is your intention, it’s time to bring out the wardrobe as regularly changing clothes is the key. Wearing the same outfit day after day is an absolute fashion faux pas, however, more importantly, it is a beacon which shines light on the smell of marijuana. After all, regardless of whether you can detect the aroma or not, those around you probably can. In a nutshell, if you’re indulging in smoking weed, make sure to alter your garments often.

If you need to freshen up your clothes in a jiffy due to cannabis odor, then there are some simple solutions that you can turn to. A thorough wash is certainly recommended as a first option – but if no washing machine is available or you’re pressed for time, there are several go-to tricks that might just do the job.

You can use the refreshing gusts of the wind to your advantage to refresh clothing. Give all the garments that need to be rid of any unpleasant odors an outdoor air treatment. Having them hang outside will allow the wind to work its magic, and with a bit of luck, you’ll be left with odor-free clothing!

If you’re in a pinch, a fabric freshener, such as Febreze, can be your ally. Simply spritz the area of clothing and let the formula do its job! It won’t wholly eliminate the smell, but may be enough to provide some relief.

To combat the marijuana stench, tossing your garments into the dryer with a drying sheet can be beneficial. The airy fabric of the dryer sheet is known to aid in removing any unwanted olfactory emissions in a jiffy.

Clothing reeking of cannabis smoke can be an embarrassing problem. Fortunately, there are a few easy strategies to tackle that earthy stink may come from your wardrobe. The most straightforward solution is to switch out your clothes regularly and give them a deep clean, fortunately, there are some other things you can do if you’re in a rush.

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