blow weed smoke into clothes

For years, cannabis users have been attempting to rid their garments of that tell-tale aroma with a puff of smoke. So, is this trick worth the effort?

Despite a lingering sense of uncertainty about whether or not blowing cannabis smoke into clothing effectively banishes its aroma, many individuals have hailed this practice as being quite successful in drastically reducing the lingering smell of marijuana.

What’s the Mechanism?

Rather than releasing the scent of marijuana into the air, why not absorb some of the smoke into your clothes? The fabric fibers will grab hold of some of the particles, resulting in a diminished smell clinging to your body.

Clearly, the number of cigarettes you smoke will have an impact on how much the scent of tobacco clings to your garments. Consequently, if you’re someone who’s particularly committed to your smoking habit, it would be sensible to obtain some fresh apparel!

Apart from taking the necessary steps to eliminate the smell of cannabis smoke from clothing, a few other solutions can be implemented. To start, seek out an open-air or ventilated area in which to smoke your weed. This will help the airborne particles to dissipate more quickly, thus reducing the strength of the aroma.

If you’re looking to reap the advantages of marijuana without the aroma, then why not try using a vape pen? Vaping is an excellent choice that allows you to conveniently enjoy all of the benefits of cannabis.

After introducing some cannabis into your environment, make sure to afterward take a cleansing shower, rinsing away any aroma of marijuana smoke.

So, the answer is clear: blowing weed smoke into your clothes may not eliminate the smell but it can certainly provide some relief! Of course, a few extra precautions should be taken to avoid smelling like a creature in the wild!

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