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Siser EasyWeed HTV proves perfect for the mat-user; it’s a dream come true! Its removal is simplified, it has no intention of splitting, and its lovely matte finish makes viewers believe it was printed onto the shirt. In addition, it endures many wearings and washings without ever blurring or damaging its original hue. Before use, however, it’s suggested that one become familiar with a few key tips – so read on to come prepared!

Utilizing a lint roller, you can ensure your mat is clean and ready for use with EasyWeed. Taking a few minutes to do this could save you time in the long run!

To preserve the quality of your design, we highly recommend using an adhesive mat protector or tape when applying EasyWeed to any cutting mat. Doing so will ensure that it does not ruin the mat beneath.

To ensure straightforward weeding and reduce the chances of any stray pieces getting trapped on the mat, take care to design your work in reverse.

Once you’re prepared to tackle the weeding task, arm yourself with a weeding tool to delicately raise the border of the EasyWeed. If it isn’t lifting with ease, experiment with a warmer iron or preheat your garment beforehand.

Once your design is completely free of unwanted material, place it atop your garment and protect the project with a piece of parchment paper. Utilising a hot, dry iron, apply EasyWeed with steady pressure across the entire design for a duration of 2-3 minutes.

As soon as the EasyWeed is still warm to the touch, attentively peel away the parchment paper. If any portion of the design has not adhered to the garment, place the parchment paper back and re-iron the area for an additional few seconds.

Congratulations – you have just wrapped up using EasyWeed on a mat!

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