sand mat weed

Inhabiting sandy areas like beaches, dunes, and roadsides across the southeastern United States, Sand Mat Weed (Chamaesyce polygonaifolia) is a low-growing plant that loves to settle where it can form mats. This pesky annual herb also turns up in yards and other disturbed areas and stands out with its oblong to oval shaped leaves, pointy tips, and an upper surface of green over a pale green to white lower surface. Further identification marks include its small white flowers clustered at the leaf axils and a helpful signpost of black, shiny seeds. It typically reaches heights of 8 inches (20 cm).

Sand mat weed can be a pesky garden-varient in coastal and lawn areas, as it can quickly establish overbearing growth, crowding out other plant life. What makes it especially difficult to tackle is its remarkable ability to produce large amounts of viable seeds that remain in soils for many years and spread quickly through vegetative means. To help combat this vexing weed, one must make an effort to vacuum any trace of it from clothing and shoes when entering areas where it is not as abundant. Moreover, vigilance should also be placed in lopping it off quickly once it is noted by the eye in gardens or lawnds.

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