do you have to remove weeds heforeweed barrier cloth

Rather than allow weeds to proliferate in your garden or flowerbed, weed barrier cloth provides a terrific solution. Still, many gardeners wonder if they should get rid of any existing weeds before laying out the fabric. The conclusion is, it all depends.

If the spot to be graced with the weed-barrier cloth is already emptied of any wild growth, then you can easily proceed. But if greenery is sprouting from the soil, you have two choices: to painstakingly pull each intruder or apply a horticultural elixir to your landscape.

To ensure that the weed barrier cloth works effectively, manual removal of all weeds – including their roots – is recommended. This can take a while but is far more beneficial than allowing the unwanted plants an opportunity to simply return.

If you are looking to eradicate weeds and maintain an effective weed barrier fabric, the best option is to choose a herbicide labelled as safe for use. Be sure to pay attention to both the manufacturer’s instructions and wet the weed’s foliage thoroughly. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of general-purpose herbicides are not designed for this specific purpose, and could ultimately do more harm than good by damaging the fabric’s effectiveness.

After successfully eradicating all unwanted vegetation, it is time to cover the soil with weed-blocking cloth. Make sure to overlap the edges of the material by at least six inches and stabilize it with stakes or strong tape. Doing so will firmly anchor the fabric in its position.

After following all the necessary steps to prepare the soil for the placement of weed barrier cloth, you’ll be rewarded with a lovely weed-free garden for the duration of the season!

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