how to wash the smell of weed out of clothes

If it’s the scent of marijuana you’re attempting to scrub from your garments instead of your abode, the most efficient tactic is washing those articles of clothing with vinegar. Simply measure out one cup of vinegar and add it to your machine before kicking off its cycle. Leave your apparel to soak in the vinegar for a couple of minutes and that should do the trick; it will break up the molecules responsible for the smell and they’ll come out fragrant and pristine.

Do you need to eliminate a pesky hint of marijuana from your favorite outfit? Whether you possess a washing machine or not, you can employ vinegar to do the trick. Simply fill a sink or tub with some delightful, hot water and add one cup of vinegar. Allow your garments to lounge in this mixture for a few minutes and then hang them up to dry or toss them into the dryer.

Ventilation is the key to purging your home of the odour of marijuana. Crank open windows and doors to invite a gust of invigorating, desmelling air into your abode. Ceiling fans and other air circulators can also be helpful in reducing the scent. Consider investing in an air purifier to aid in the elimination of the tainted atmosphere.

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