how to use newspaper as weed barrier

Newspaper has earned its place as one of the most prized possessions in any gardener’s bag of tricks. With its multi-purpose capabilities, it can be effectively deployed for multiple purposes, prominent among them, being the efficient disposal of weed-infestations.

Annoying weeds have the ability to interfere with your garden plants, demanding their share of sunlight, water, and minerals. Additionally, these homegrown-pests can spread infections and invite undesirable bugs to eat away your prized plants.

Combatting weeds before they have the chance to even begin sprouting can be incredibly advantageous. One solution to prevent weed germination is to place a layer of newspaper over any affected soil- this technique creates a light-blocking barrier and is extremely effective in deterring any weed seeds from emerging.

If you’re looking for an effective, natural way to keep weeds away from your garden, newspaper can prove to be an excellent barrier! Here’s what you should do:

On still days, make sure you spread out the newspaper without any gusts of wind that may take it away before it is firmly grounded.

Liberally douse the newspaper in water to keep it firmly secured to the ground, so it won’t have a chance of scurrying away with a sudden rush of air.

To administer weed control, place the damp paper over the desired zone, interlocking the ends to create a full covering.

After you have laid the newspaper, give it a protective layer of mulch for additional stability and to keep sunlight out.

Now and again, take the time to glance at the newspaper to determine if it’s been whisked away or experienced dehydration. If that’s the case, simply soak the paper and put it back in place.

If you’re seeking an environmentally friendly way to manage weeds in your garden, consider utilizing newspaper as a viable solution. You’ll be surprised by the tremendous results this straightforward method can bring.

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