do you put soil on top of weed barrier

The key to a flourishing garden lies in maintaining it with regular weeding. But what if you didn’t have to constantly pull out weeds? Instead, imagine if you had access to a protective layer that curtails weed growth? That’s where weed barrier comes in.

Gardeners often use an effective yet simple method to help them control weed growth; laying down a weed barrier fabric or plastic sheeting. This obstruction will block out the vital sunlight weeds require to sprout and spread, keeping bothersome weeds at bay. Depending on the desired outcome, biodegradable or non-biodegradable barrier products are available in the market.

When it comes to the matter of whether soil on top of weed barrier is appropriate, the answer is neither one nor the other.

To keep the weed barrier in its place in the area where you’ll be planting soon, a layer of soil is necessary. Once you’ve planted all that your garden contains, pull the weed barrier up around the plants to that only their upper portion is visible. This will ensure that the barrier remains secure and stable.

By leaving weed barrier exposed in those areas you don’t want plants to sprout, it can be a very helpful tool to prevent growth. This is especially true along driveways or walkways where no vegetation should take root.

As is the case with many things in gardening, weed barrier is not a cure-all for weed growth. Unfortunately, the deep-reaching roots of dandelions for example will find a way around it and emerge from the soil beneath. However, for most weeds, this barrier will help to keep them at bay before they ever have a chance to spring up in your garden.

To ensure your desired outcome, whether that be to create a no-weeds zone or an ideal setting for planting, be sure to lay some soil atop the weed barrier. Doing so will result in your greatest success.

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