how long will cardboard last as a weed barrier

Gardeners know that the very last thing they want in their garden is weeds. Fortunately, there is an effective strategy to prevent them: cardboard weed control. Laying out cardboard blocks the sun’s rays, hindering weeds from sprouting, and is often the go-to method of choice among green thumbs.

To what extent can cardboard serve as an effective weed block?

When it comes to using cardboard as a weed barrier, durability may range from three to four weeks. This largely depends on the material utilized and its thickness, along with the level of sun and rainfall it is exposed to. Ultimately, such elements must be taken into account when determining its longevity.

When laying a cardboard weed barrier, it is essential to ensure that the entire ground is completely covered. Should any cracks or openings be present, weeds will quickly emerge from them.

It is imperative to guarantee that the cardboard is not in any proximity to the plants in the garden, as it could induce rotting if left unchecked.

After a period of being exposed to the elements, the cardboard will decompose and require renewal. But with proper maintenance, it is possible to extend its lifespan and get more mileage out of it.

After a few weeks, it is apparent that cardboard relies upon frequent replacement in order to provide effective weed control in a garden.

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