fence weed barrier

To decrease weeds from encroaching and infiltrating, many fences are complemented with a fence weed barrier. This barrier is usually a fabric that lines the ground below the fence, stretching up a few feet for added protection. Perhaps the most common variety of this barrier is a black plastic material no weed can penetrate!

A band of black plastic fabric, typically 4 or 6 feet in width, unfurls on the ground and crawls up the periphery of the fence, spanning 100 or 200 feet long. Wedges of metal and plastic press the layer into place while the weight of soil and mulch keeps it from slipping away.

The black plastic weed barrier works like a shield, defending the grounds from receiving sunlight or water. By restricting these elements, weed seed germination and growth can be effectively prevented.

After several years of exposure to sunlight and the elements, the black plastic weed barrier’s temporary life will eventually decline, necessitating its eventual replacement.

For those searching for a weed-proofing solution, the black plastic weed barrier is an obvious choice; however, there are also other options available, such as:

– Polypropylene cloth, stitched together in a weave formation, is a close second to the frequently-used black plastic for weed protection. Varying widths and lengths are available to the modern gardener.

Landscape fabric is a hardy fabric solution designed for use in landscaping and garden projects. Its diverse range comes in a variety of lengths and widths, offering an array of options for home and professional gardeners alike.

Control erosion with ease through the use of heavy duty Erosion Control Fabric! Featuring a range of differing widths and lengths, it’s the perfect material for tackling erosion-prone areas.

Depending on your goals and how much you want to invest, your decision for a weed barrier for the fence will vary. All of them can prevent anything from sprouting up through the fence, but some are tougher than others.

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