eco friendly weed matting

Nature has a way of sneaking in the little things that can throw off the careful planning of any gardener. Weeds, with their uninvited appearance, have an uncanny knack for crowding out the beautiful plants that people might have worked tirelessly to grow. They bring with them a dual nuisance – not only are they unwelcome guests, but their presence also places competition on resources like sunlight and water that would otherwise be available to cultivate other flourishing plants.

By covering your soil with weed mats, you can maintain relative dominance over unwanted weeds in your garden. Sunlight serves as a catalyst for weed growth, so a mat’s ability to obstruct this nourishment is extremely valuable in thwarting the upcoming growth of seeds and even stunting existing weeds.

A plethora of weed matting possibilities exist for purchase, ranging from purely organic sources such as jute and hemp to industrially-manufactured plastics.

Natural mats are more environmentally friendly than their synthetic counterparts, though they might not be as successful in deterring weeds. Synthetic mats are sturdy and built to endure for many years, but their non-biodegradable qualities mean that they ultimately become residing refuse in landfill when discarded.

If you’re seeking an environmentally conscious approach to managing weeds, a mat made from recycled materials might do the trick. Not only are these mats just as efficient as the synthetic type, but when you have finished with them, they will not be sent off to the dump.

Before adding your desired plants to your garden bed, lay down a layer of weed matting for optimum protection against pesky weed seeds. Doing so will fend off the germination of weed growth before it can take hold.

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