does smoking weed leave a smell on clothes

The smell of marijuana clinging to your garments can easily give away the fact that you enjoy smoking it – no matter how often. Thus, if subtlety is key, there are several methods you can use to get rid of the odour. Whether you are an avid user or only partake occasionally, these tricks will help keep your habits to yourself.

For years, assumptions around those who indulge in marijuana have painted them as slovenly individuals, but that doesn’t mean all cannabis consumers are untidy. In reality, many marijuana smokers take immense pride in their personal grooming. When it comes to keeping your cannabis habit under the radar, though, here are a few tactics to ensure you remain undetected.

Since abstaining from weed is not possible for most people who enjoy smoking it, there are a few strategies to help them stay concealed and avoid detection. The first and most obvious of them – though obviously not the easiest – is to simply stop smoking pot.

Frequent cannabis smoking can cause you to emit a distinctive scent from your clothing, making it necessary to clean them regularly. For those with a regular habit, daily laundering may be required to keep the smell at bay, whereas occasional smokers may be able to get by with just a weekly wash.

Apart from cleaning your apparel, you can always opt for using a clothesline to air dry them out. The natural breeze will assist in banishing any scent of cannabis that may be lingering. An additional strategy could be to toss the garments inside the tumble-dryer on the air fluff setting for a transient period. This ought to certainly help in eradicating any discernible traces of cannabis.

For those who partake in the occassional smoke of cannabis, you likely won’t have to launder your clothing frequently. Nevertheless, if the smell of marijuana begins to linger on your garments, it’s wise to give them a spin in the washer swiftly.

To decrease any scent of marijuana on your clothing, there are a few approaches to take. Yet, the safest and most efficient solution is simply to abstain from smoking it altogether.

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