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A staple item in gardening and landscaping, weed cloth is a special kind of fabric fashioned from polyester, nylon, and sometimes even recycled plastic. This unique material can be used to predetermine which items should grow where; it covers the ground to stop unwanted weeds while it lines the bottoms of planters and raised garden beds.

As an effective method of weed control, weed cloth works to limit sunlight and impede the germination of weed seeds. By keeping weeds from taking root, it is also an effective way of containing their propagation. Offering a natural, chemical-free remedy to gardens in need, weed cloth is the perfect solution for gardeners seeking an alternative to using herbicides.

If you are looking to tackle a wide area, selecting the appropriate width of weed cloth for your needs is imperative. For bigger tasks, a wider option will be necessary. Additionally, weed cloth is presented in differing weights as well – sturdier selections being recommended for places with high traffic or requiring additional sturdiness.

To keep pesky weeds out, make sure to have a six-inch overlap when laying down weed cloth. Holding the fabric firmly in place with stakes, bricks, or stones will stop any unwanted sprouts from finding their way into the crevices.

Periodically, the weed cloth must be swapped out for newer material – damage renders it ineffective in providing weed prevention.

For gardeners and landscapers looking to maintain the perfect aesthetic, weed cloth can be their saving grace. It works as an efficient barrier from weed infestation, so you can focus on growing the plants of your choosing. Best of all, this method does not require the use of any chemical treatments – simple and effective.

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