cardboard as weed barrier pros and cons

Weeding attempts can be complex and time-consuming — but cardboard might just be the key to simplifying the process. Used as a barrier between desirable and undesirable plants, this material is associated with a number of advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account.

Cardboard can be used to great effect in keeping weeds at bay. By blocking the sunlight, this simple method is a successful approach for denying weeds the opportunity to thrive. Therefore, cardboard and its sun-blocking properties make it an excellent choice for keeping weed growth under control.

In comparison to other materials, cardboard is exceptionally economical. Availability should not be an issue either, since you can usually acquire it at no cost or for a paltry sum. Moreover, it’s non-toxic too, making it a prudent option to have near kids and pets.

Though cardboard makes a viable weed barrier, its longevity is compromised. Over time, it will degrade giving way to plant life that will find its way through the once-impregnable sheet. Moreover, the presence of human activity can diminish cardboard’s efficacy; it is easily destroyed when subjected to external force.

Before turning to cardboard as a weed barrier, reflect on whether or not it meets your requirements and take into account the advantages and potential drawbacks of this method.

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