cardboard as weed barrier in beds

Taking on the painstaking job of weeding in the garden can be a neverending struggle, yet there are steps you can take to reduce the time spent on this mundane assignment. Using cardboard as a buffet for weeds beneath beds is one proven method.

Cardboard boxes have a special capacity that makes them incredible weeds controllers – the ability to block sunlight and inhibit germination. By obtaining some large box from a grocery store or liquor shop, you can essentially get weed-control for free! Not only does this barrier keep seeds from sprouting, but it also smothers existing weeds. All in all, an effective solution with zero cost.

To prevent pesky weeds from infiltrating your garden space, allow cardboard to do the heavy lifting! Utilize it by laying it flat and making sure that all edges are securely overlapped. Afterwards, cover the cardboard sheet with a layer of mulch and the pesky weeds will be kept out.

The cardboard you use to mulch your garden can remain – undisturbed – for many months and possibly even years. When it’s eventually time to replace it, you can simply transfer it from your garden to your compost heap.

If you want to spend less time weeding, look to organic materials for a solution. Cardboard works particularly well as a weed barrier, as do other means such as newspaper, plastic sheeting and landscape fabric. Next time you’re searching for a reliable weed blocker, think of how cardboard can provide the answers.

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