sta green weed barrier levels

STA-Green™ Weed Barrier offers an alternative to chemical weed control with its strong but sustainable woven ground cover. Crafted from 90% recycled materials, it boasts remarkable longevity due to its ultraviolet-resistant properties and can be conveniently installed in 3 different strengths.

STA-Green™ Weed Barrier: A Three-Tier System

This fabric, of a more delicate composition, is the optimal choice for a minor weed invasion – Level 1!

At Level 2, heavier weed coverage can be effectively achieved- and what helps allow this to happen is the utilization of a sturdy and robust material. This fabric is both thick and closely packed; designed to fight persistent weed expansion.

If you’re dealing with a massive infestation of weeds, Level 3 is the material for you. Featured prominently is some thicker, luxuriant fabric meticulously woven with stronger strings than any other grade.

The degree of weed growth you’re experiencing will help you determine which level of STA-Green™ Weed Barrier is best suited to your needs. If you detect a light level of weeds, consider selecting Level 1. However, if heavy weed growth is present, opt for Level 3. If the weeds in your space lie somewhere in between, Level 2 could be a good choice.

No need to sweat it, installing STA-Green™ Weed Barrier is a breeze! All one needs to do is toss the sheet of black fabric down over the weed-infested territory before fixing it into a secure position with some staples, nails, or garden pins. After that, the curated area can be dressed up with a decorative spread of mulch, bark, stones, or any other attractively arranged landscaping material that one desires.

Keep your landscape weed-free and pristine with STA-Green™ Weed Barrier—a cost-efficient and reliable solution for deterring pesky weeds. Kids and pets can play in peace knowing that this long-lasting product will offer years of protection when cared for correctly.

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