How to choose heavy duty weed membrane

Thick, reliable defence against weed growth can be found in heavy-duty weed membrane. Made with polypropylene, polyethylene, or nylon, this type of landscape fabric is available in a range of weights and thicknesses; the thicker the membrane, the more powerful its protection against pesky intruders.

Making a Discriminated Choice for Heavy-Duty Weed Membranes: What to Look For

The climate of your location can determine what type of weed membrane you should opt for – if it is a place with lots of sunshine and heat, be aware that you will require a weed membrane that can pacify the sun’s rays and maintain its integrity. UV-resistance is essential for this requirement.

If the plants you are cultivating require gentle handling, then opting for a membrane designed for weeds with a lighter feel would be wise.

When it comes to area coverage, the width of your weed membrane should be determined by the scope of the space to be sheltered. For larger swathes, aim for a membrane no less than 4 feet wide.

The cost associated with securing a weed membrane is variable, and may range anywhere from fifty cents to two dollars per square foot.

After assessing all of the requirements needed to purchase the ideal heavy-duty weed membrane, you are just one decision away from finding the perfect solution!

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