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Combatting potentially invasive weed growth is made simpler through the use of weed mat. This physical barrier utilises a wide variety of materials, including plastic, fabric, and paper, to stop weeds from sprouting. Whether it be in a garden, around trees and shrubs, or in an agricultural field, weed mat can be found in various sizes and thicknesses to match the needs of any space. By investing in this helpful horticultural tool, you can be sure of weeds not taking root.

Weed mat can help curb annoying weed growth, however, it is not infallible. Even though there is a cost-benefit to using this method of weed control, it has its limits. It needs to be swapped out consistently as it deteriorates over time, and unfortunately, weed mat can also stunt the growth of your beloved plants. So, it is wise to deploy this tool sparingly and only in areas that are genuinely plagued by weeds.

A combination of weed mat in combination with other weed deterrence practices, i.e. mulching, hand weeding and herbicides, can be incredibly effective in your garden or landscaping maintenance efforts to maintain weeds at bay. Despite each technique being imposing on its own, combining them yields the best results.

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